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I keep a list (some mental, some actually written down like it’s supposed to be) of “just for fun” layouts & craft projects I want to do. Sometimes, when I find myself with spare energy and time I do one, and sometimes I combine a few to create one project from several fun list items.

I love multi-tasking.


Yesterday I added “make Christmas layout with American Crafts Merrymint line” to my fun list. Then I noticed an e-mail about the class I’m taking from Ali, and realized I really want to get more layouts done inspired by that. I didn’t intend to put the two together, but when I found a childhood Christmas photo during my cleaning, well, I knew what to do!


What I really love about this line is that while some of it is really cute & themed, a lot of it is subtle or not actually themed at all. I love that in my holiday products because it means a) it won’t compete with my photos and b) I can use it for other stuff if I buy too much & don’t have holiday photos for it. Their ribbon makes me crazy too. I won’t tell you how much of it I’ve purchased over the years… just… well… know that I love it & use it a lot.


I was trying my hand at being a minimalist and did NOT have any of the stuff over on right side (ribbons, etc) at first. But when I placed the title up top I just couldn’t leave it alone. I’m not a ‘clean’ scrapper, I like STUFF!!! So off I went happily cutting ribbons and bits of paper. Ah, I feel much better.

The layout is just random thoughts that come to mind when I look at this photo (I’m 9, my sister & cousin 5) at my Grandparent’s house. We call them “the g’s” mostly because they (and we) always spelled it gma and gpa. Good times and happy memories for many a Christmas happened in their house for sure.


The journaling paper is a png file from Ali’s class that I’m in LOVE with. I printed out (just using Microsoft Word) a whole sheet full on kraft cardstock, and I intend to keep right on in all sizes. They’re so great for writing and I’m really enjoying that class. Telling stories = heart of my scrapbooking and it’s good to focus on that.

Have a happy Friday – and weekend!

PS-Speaking of classes- my own BPS class starts in a few days!!! I’ve got some peeks, give aways, and much more coming for you as we count down to start time beginning tomorrow.


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  1. Great layout. Cute photo ! I love the small print of the paper, makes it more versatile for me. Easier to use in card making .

  2. What a great page layout. I know what you mean about “stuff” on pages. I have a hard time myself leaving much “white space”. I am trying harder to give it a try. I TOO LOVE ribbon but the bad things is I dont always remember to use it. GREAT JOB!!!

  3. I LOVE that layout! I really wanted to take that class but found that I was just too busy this time of year. I am looking forward to your class starting! I will make the time for that one!!!

  4. Love this lo with the old picture at christmastime with your g-parents. Love that you took so much space for your journaling and that it’s written by hand. Bye Irene

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