is that even a word, randomonia? I was going for random + mania. sort of. Anyhow – big post ahead. At end I’ll announce the winners from the “happy mail”…

First up, I’m in love with this greeting card art.


I shall frame her for my daughter’s room asap. LOVE so very much.

Then I was cleaning out my tags…


I love these tags (from something I purchased at her store – I think a roll of wish tags). I may never use them, just keep loving them… but I will use all this.


Christmas fabrics (yippe!) that I have big plans for. Some www.fiskarscrafts.com projects, some just for fun sewing stuff, perhaps a few gift card holders too.


I store all my bigger brads in a martini glass. Is that odd? I only do it because I love the glass (present from mom) + I think it looks cool + it holds them right on my shelf in front of my work area.

I warned you I was going to be random.


I wish that I used my Tattered Angels more. One of the bottles I have is like 2 years old!! What’s wrong with me? (Wait, don’t answer that) I’m a smitten kitten and misting is becoming a favorite thing. I now have 3 bottles (see new lilac color up front). They are the only brand of glimmer mist products I’ve tried. Do all you misting crafters use these too?

Want to see my new necklace?


It’s an UGLY gold disc that I bought with intent to alter for $5. I covered with a prima rose that I covered in “marshmallow” glass glitter. It’s for my Belle princess costume. I was told to accessorize a lot more, and I’m doing my darndest. I’m not doing much in the way of layouts (due to the wet floor and displacement of products), but I am able to do a few little crafty projects.


That’s the daybed in here (studio) that is covered in product while I let the floor area on other side of room air dry. Oh, it’s taking it’s sweet time about drying. Grrr.

So here are the random happy mail winners:

Diana Albright
Vanessa DeLisio
Alicia Sharp
Deb Hepner

E-mail me (mflaum (at) comcast.net to claim your prize! I’ll be sending them all out Monday the 26th- so keep your eyes on the mail box after that! If you didn’t win this time, just know I’ve got a LOT up my sleeve – including a MEGA BOX ‘o happy mail fun…

Have a fantabulously wild & crazy weekend!


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  1. OMG I checked all the 100 names in the original post but it is me… I’m the Irene you mentioned in your list today. Thanks so much for picking me! Love it.

    I have 3 bottles of glimmermist as well but I have used them only once. I just can’t get the hang of it and end up with all these big splatters on my paper. Maybe it’s just not my thing.

    Love the big brads in a glass. So beautiful to see them all, with all the different colors.

    Bye Irene and thanks again.

  2. Love your random post May. Congrats to all the happy mail winners and I too wish that I used my Glimmer mist more. I have been getting inspired to use it by watching some fun things that others have done recently.

  3. I might being going to the MoA tomorrow after my photo shoot. If so, I’ll have to grab some Glimmer Mist (finally!) at Archivers. (I know, I know)

    Holy cats, that card is amazing! And LOOK at that necklace!

    Ummmmm….yay for me! Thanks random name picker thingy! And thank you, MAY!

  4. Yay randomania! I use the Maya Mists and I LOVE them, I like them better than the glimmer mists. Though I do love to use the glimmer every now and then

  5. Fun rambles! Today I went to three Glimmer Mist classes at Scrapbook Expo. Glad I wore an apron! Messy but fun!
    Love the Haunted Shadows purple – has a lot of gold in it.
    Important with Glimmer Mists to not shake up and down (mix side to side and make sure no metallic stuff on bottom of bottle). To avoid splots – spray like you are spraying your hair in an 80’s “DO” above and at a slight angle from your paper flat on the surface. Also, blotting with paper towel when wet evens things out. I just love that shimmery glow the glimmer mist has.

  6. Congrats to your winners.
    I have some glimmer mist but have recently been playing around with perfect pearls mixed with some water & some of Tim Holtz’s reinkers ink in mini misters. I’ve been making some nice colors & charting my combinations in case I want to make more of the same color.

  7. I’ve not tried glimmer mist but plan to do so soon (I expect that if I forget this plan, you’re going to remind me of it in the upcoming BPS class!). Thanks for the randomonia post – great photos and a window in the May’s slightly displaced world. Sure hope that carpet dries out soon!

  8. ‘Hey that’s me’ came out of my mouth as I read your post LOL – many thanks to the randomonia gods that had you picking my name to win.

    I love Glimmer Mist, just used some yesterday with cool, unexpected results – which is one of the fun things about it. Now, if the page would only come together like I want and do my little experiment justice!

    And inquiring minds want to know, how exactly did you get the glitter glass on the flower? Spray adhesive? Hard to tell, but it looks like you also coated the underside of the petals, too.

    Wet floor or not, you’re welcome anytime to come and play in my studio – my table’s plenty big enough for two. So if you find yourself in Toronto… But seriously, can you help the air a bit with a fan?

  9. this made my day!

    i have 3 bottles of Tattered Angels glimmer mist that i love. for projects where i just want a light misting, the Tattered Angels stuff is awesome. but i also have Maya Mist, which goes on a lot thicker/darker, and i really like it too. it just depends on the project, i guess.

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