Enjoying the process


The key to success lies in how you pick yourself up from failure.

                                      – Helen Fielding from her novel Olivia Joules

I like to apply this to crafting, and to making sure I always remember that it’s the failures that I learn most from. That when wild experiments go awry it’s ok because I’m learning, growing, and ultimately improving myself. Plus – some of the most fun I ever have in here ends in disaster.

Example A:


Just last night I was trying to do some things with embossed cardstock. The results? NOT what I was going for. (rainy dark day – sorry for bad pics) I had a DUH moment when I realized spray was really not going to show up, then another as I repeatedly messed up my use of smooch ink. But I saw it through, finished the project, and added the page to E’s scrapbook. They can’t all be prize winners- that’s OK!


Example B:


I was testing some ideas out with this candle… and it wouldn’t work. I gave up & salvaged all I could. Now? Whoopsie candle burns & smells just as sweet here in my work space. Sometimes the great ideas in your head don’t work out in real life. It’s so alright!!

The last time I shared some “oh no” projects a reader e-mailed me and asked how could I do that. My response? How could I not? They’re just as much a part of my crafting as the ones that turn out better than I expect. I also think it’s important that I confess to messing up. A LOT. Often I can mask, fix, or repair… but sometimes it’s a runaway train of bad. That’s ok!!

Know what else is definitely ok? When it does work out. How great is it when a crazy idea turns out like you wanted? When you have that crafting success high? I like to take chances and I’m not afraid of mistakes or bad projects – and I find that tp be really rewarding. Recently I found some cures for unattractive fridge magnets, and I shared the idea with Ali Edwards.

magnet intro

Today all the magnets I’ve dreamed up (so far!) are up on her blog in a Tuesday Tutorial. http://aliedwards.typepad.com/_a_/2009/10/tuesday-tutorials-may-flaum.html

I hope you enjoy them! If you’ve got any questions or want to share your own creations I’d love to see!

~ May


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  1. i found you from Ali’s website… and those magnets RAWK!!and, i too, am a chocoholic, and its okay, right?? wink!! glad to have found your blog…

  2. I went on over to see your magnets and as always I am in awe of your talent. . . Thanks for sharing. I am thinking my MIL has two full size fridge full of magnets. .. hmmm do you think she will miss them?

  3. I’ve been redoing magnets for a long time…but more like the ones I hoard from the Home show. 🙂 You’ve given me MUCH BETTER ideas than what I’d been doing.

    Thanks for the “permission” to mess up. I beat myself up daily for stuff like that!

  4. Thanks for sharing your tutorial on Ali’s blog! How exciting!!! And yes…learning from those mistakes just makes me willing to try something else I’ve never done before!

  5. The magnets are FUN!! What a great idea!!
    I think it’s important to mess up! It’s the best opportunity to grow and learn! Thanks for the reminder, the inspiration, and the giggles. :o)

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