glimpses into my world…


Just a few images from my world that are relevant right now…


designing with their October kit – all will be revealed 10.1



Trying to get that straw cup away from this child. (she wants it 24/7). Related: begging her to sit for a moment and let me take a photo. Dress being worn (Target) is one like I wanted in my own size but couldn’t pull off as I’m not a skinny girl. This little girl makes it look good though. 🙂



This has to be best $1 purchase in quite a while. Love that I have a new damask item to enjoy, and look forward to using it in near future.


005 (2)

Had unfortunate experience with this beautiful Prima flower – pearls fell right off and then had some difficulty getting resolution. However it looks like that issue is all taken care of and I’ll share the good details next week.



The cutest Snow White in the history of forever. Well, she will be. She’s got the stylin’ shoes and everything. I let her try it all on real quick when UPS delivered. To say she’s excited would be an understatement. Big time. I’m still deciding what princess I’ll be. Yes, I’m going to get myself an adult costume. More on that some other day.




A peek at a layout from last week. It was made for Kits class, and fyi that September kit is still available if you want to play with it in class…

Look for proposal part deux tomorrow, as well as a new dessert invention of mine, more fall goodness, layouts, prizes, and more next week.  In the meantime – have a wonderful weekend!

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