The Girl’s Loft


Have you seen Margie & her daughters have a new kit club, and they are putting out some super cute & useful kits. I’ve been playing with their September kit today –


This box is for Elizabeth and is going to hold jelly bellies for her AFTER she does work in her preschool workbook. I covered the apple with paper, sanded edges, then used my VERY beloved Fiskars drill to make the holes through the box lid and apple itself. Then I pulled a ribbon through (loosely), squirted some liquid adhesive in the space between box and apple, and then pulled the ribbon nice and tight.  


I’m seriously loving my apple box and I don’t want to give it up. I might make more – and I think I’ll make more for Christmas too. Oooh- and Valentines. The great thing about this is that E can totally open the lid by grabbing the apple. Much easier.


Then I got it in my head I wanted to make a little wall hanging (it’s about 9 x 6)


I have serious decor commitment issues, so I’m loving the idea of wall hangings that are paper so if they only last 1 or 2 years I don’t have to feel bad.


The only thing not in the kit is the Claudine Hellmuth sticky back canvas sheet I stitched everything onto (before adhering to red cardstock).


I’m really excited about how my experiment turned out. It didn’t take long either and was F to the UN. Now I’m working on this layout. (note: the ‘joy’ stamp has nothing to do with anything. I  got it for $1 at Michaels today and I guess I plopped it down right there but didn’t notice it until just now while blogging)


I’ll be sharing a few more Girl’s Loft projects here on my blog – but I’ll be sharing a whole lot more in Kits class. I got to use their Debut kit for that (July), and oh how much fun I had.

Well – back to creating for tonight. Until next time –


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  1. Great idea to make paper decor. I did a project out of paper 3 years ago and it’s still good as new. I don’t imagine that all projects i make are going to last that long, but that’s the beauty of it like you said.

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