welcoming September


Last night I found these at the drug store.


It’s a much needed reminder that September is here, which means it’s nearly fall. YIPPE!!!!

Summer is fine – I mean there are plenty of good things about it… but it’s still my least favorite season. Fall? Now that’s my #1 season and I’m near giddy with the prospects of breaking out harvest decor for the house. Fall is best, truly. The anticipation of winter holidays approaching, the cooling weather, getting stuff like blankets and bathrobes out of storage for use once again, hot tea & soup, all things pumpkin… it’s GOOD baby!!!

I’ll wait for labor day (and a few killer deadlines) to pass before I get started on all of that decorating – until then I’ll munch on a few candy corn and daydream…


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  1. Intentional or not, as I read your post today I was hit with the thought of your Scrapbooking in Season class, which of course I haven’t thought of in ages. Thanks for that; I’m going to pull out those handouts and see what kind of autumnal trouble I can get into. No candy corn for this girl though; the look has never appealed to me enough to even try it (which is probably just as well, LOL). But I’m headed to the Canadian National Exhibition this week, and can’t wait for my annual treat of Tiny Tom sugared donuts and candy floss.

  2. I’m right there with you, May! I love everything about fall…the weather, wearing jeans, eating yummy food, all the fun holidays, apple hill, pumpkin patches, and my birthday! The big 3-0 this year!

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