ideas for the weekend.


I’ve got a crazy weekend ahead. Lot of this.


then lots of family stuff, and then back to above mentioned scrapbooking. BUSY TIMES! I’ll be able to share what I’m up to soon, but in the meantime since I can’t be entertaining I will direct you to some places that can.

1. visit – she’s having party time all weekend. (I’ll be sneaking on for sure.)

2. Read a cute Meg Cabot book (today is her day, by the way!) like Every Boy’s got one or Queen of Babble or Size 12 is not fat… any one you choose – it’ll be cute fun. Speaking of Meg, she had this clip on her blog today and it reminded me of my Darcy love…

3. take six hours or so and watch the whole thing. Firth as Darcy = perfect. It’s worth it I swear if you’re a J.A. fan at all.

4. Or if you are after something shorter watch Emma. I love Emma in movie form.


5. If you want more movie suggestions oh boy do I have them.  Zoolander, Muriel’s Wedding, 16 Candles, and Office Space will be tonights guarenteed awesome suggestions. (I could go on. for HOURS.)

6. Do like me – and go craft something!!!

I’ve got to head out if I’m going to make my goals tonight. Have a fabulous weekend everyone – see you Monday!

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