Yesterday we visited daddy at his work (photos coming soon) and visited Scrapbook Territory. It’s about 45min from here – and thanks to stores closing left and right is now my ‘local’ scrapbook store. Of course it’s only about 5miles from J’s  fire station… so if I time a visit just right we can hang with daddy AND I can stock up on much needed supplies. There are some great stores in N.Ca, but Diane always stocks *exactly* the stuff I need and crave. It’s like she stocks her store with me in mind, and I do so appreciate it. It’s lucky for my budget I only get down there every few months.


Speaking of which, holy freaking cute. Seriously- how could I resist this little 1″ high pirate birdie? He’s nestled in some of the must-have ribbons I made the trip to the store for in the first place.

With our new found treasure and daddy at work today has officially become art day for me and the girls. I’ll be sure to share some results soon!

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