vacation fun.


I love collecting bits and pieces for my scrapbooks in my travels. Once upon a time, that was the best way to get stuff – you couldn’t buy most of the theme stuff out now. I feel like an old timer saying that, but it’s true. Also, utilizing stuff that is real, things that are from my journey seems so natural and authentic. I love it.

This probably explains why I created a whole class about vacation memorabilia over at BPS. (you can check it out here:


Today I found this hotel map/guide and decided to spend a little time playing. I have the cutest pics of Rebecca running back to the hotel room (and hotel in background) so I thought they’d go perfectly.


My favorite part? Well I have two. First, I am loving making ribbon look all loopy and crazy. Second, I punched all the stars (that’s the punch I am giving away – see previous post!) out of the same brochure. So really the only scrapbook supplies I used up were a sheet of cardstock, bit of ribbon, a few buttons, and an old castle charm.


I’m excited about the feedback I’m already getting from the vacation class, and looking over that handout has gotten me inspired to make more, more, more!!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I was looking at your class….interesting. I’d rather use my own ’embellishments’ aka memoribilia than store bought stuff that doesn’t have that sentimental value. Whenever we travel I gather a ton of stuff, use a bit, toss alot. I love to have 2 copies of really nice brochures since I know I’ll probably want to use both sides of it.
    We stayed at the Disneyland hotel in November…first time at Disney! So you can imagine the album I’m making for that :o)

  2. Love this – you are definitely inspiring me to get back to scrappin’ Disney! Would love to hear your method for the loopy, crazy ribbon trail. Do you painstakingly lay it all out first, or just see what you end up with when the machine starts sewing? Do you adhere it in places first, or trust to luck? I have such a hard time letting go of control, LOL.

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