weekend creating #2


Last night I felt like quite the renegade. A wild woman sewing without rules or patterns.


Ok, so there are rules. Here are the top rules I’ve found when working with sewing projects:

  • IRON, IRON, IRON. I know it’s hot, it’s annoying, it’s time consuming… but when I iron my pieces things come together MUCH better.
  • slow and steady. Don’t rush, don’t try to rush. NO MATTER WHAT. Takes a lot more time to rip seams than to think it through the first time.
  • think about the finished product. If you want to have beading, little details, decorative bits, etc… you may need to do those EARLY on – not at the end. This total opposite to my scrapbook work (where details go last) gets me.

The bottom line – a lot of paper skills convert to sewing. BUT! Sewing is it’s whole own hobby with rules, techniques, and learning. I’ve got a lot of learning to go.


Speaking of paper translating to fabric, I finally used the 1/2 yard of pretty fabric (it’s cosmo cricket – got it at equilter.com) I never have known what to do with. I made myself an apron! Just a very simple knee-length with 1 pocket – but fun and great for my sewing skills.

Happy crafting!


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  1. Love your apron! I sewed my pillowcases for the ConKerr Cancer group this weekend. I’ve had an apron on my mind. I’m thinking old blue jeans & some Heidi Grace material.

  2. Nice apron – I made myself a similar one for Angela’s challenge on the fiskateer site recently.
    I have yet to wear it though because it is just too pretty lol.

  3. May, this is beautiful. Can’t wait to start learning to sew myself. (not sew myself…you know what I meant).

  4. SEW cute !! I need to sew more….and read more…and scrap more…but really, I DO need to sew again. This is very cute…and I could use a longer apron !! ….I’m making a valance and shelf-curtains (I have one of those ugly grayish garage shelves in my craft room…and thought I would make curtains for it and attach with velcro !! Will hide the shelf and my stash of albums, extra pages, empty tins and stuff to alter! I have some Heidi Grace fabric I have been saving….Thanks for the inspiration !

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