So I want to make myself a purse. Plus one each for my girls, and Becca’s friend who also loves purses. Ok, and a few more for ME. Problem? Never made one. I started out by making a pretty simple one for Miss Rebecca.


First off, the Heather Bailey fabric? LOVE IT! I chose two fabrics that coordinate. I made the strap a good ‘becca’ length. My #1 piece of advice: iron everything… a lot. It made a HUGE difference in my bag straight-ness, stitching, etc. Ironing does help even if it’s a pain and not my favorite activity. finished size of this bag is about 8 x 11


Now let’s talk about mistakes. I sewed the lining + outside together too early. Should have made two separate ‘bags’ then sewn together just once. BUT- that’s ok. It’s all about learning, figuring out the creative process, and having FUN. I’ve got big ideas for my next purse – I’ll be sure to share here.


Have a great weekend!

PS- yes, I am still without my laptop so I’m on a borrowed PC to post this. Hopefully laptop will be back in service next week!!!


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  1. So cute (and I agree – bag and child both!). I LOVE making purses like these, too, and a couple of hints that I discovered are:
    1. If you use interfacing on the fabric it tends to be a bit sturdier. Not important for the little girl purses (since their stuff is pretty light, anyway) but really helps out with my bags since I tend to carry heavier stuff (books, water bottles, etc.) Oh, and use iron-on interfacing – waaaay too much trouble to use the sew on kind!
    2. You are right about making sort of 2 sacks and then only needing to sew them once – and then you can tuck the handle edges in between, if you want, and then you only need to sew once for the whole deal. I’m all for saving time!

    So cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is very cute & Rebecca looks so thrilled with it.
    I’m going to make some pillow cases tomorrow for this weeks little sewing adventure.

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