linkin’ Monday.


Let’s start this week off with a few good links.

agiftc 1b

Susan Weinroth ROCKS some handmade gift wrap ideas here: 

I read this and loved it on Stacy Julian’s blog:

“Smart people spend time alone. They don’t fill their days with appointments from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., as many politicians and executives do. Great science does not emerge from hard logic and grinding hours. It comes from activities like chopping wood and raking leaves, preparing dinner and reading to the kids. These activities soften the rigid pace of the day’s pursuits and allow all our God-given intuition to work its unlogical magic. Only then can we reach our fullest potentials. Only then can we leap from thinking to understanding.”- Philip K. Howard


Want to see some amazing layouts that will make you smile and get choked up all at the same time? One of my favorite Army wives shares some very special pages –


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