June featured designer



It was weird to schedule myself, but it is my turn and it was FUN to work on this article. I had a hard time coming up with a theme at first, then once I got into my whole romancing the micro-tips I was good to go. In fact- I had MORE ideas but I just ran out of time!

brdz 1c

I hope you like the projects I made. This birdhouse and everything else = labors of love.

Speaking of love and my article- I can’t suggest these scissors (available at darn near any craft store) enough.


Need a pair? You know what’s coming. GIVE-AWAY! Check back tomorrow (tuesday) for your chance!!


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  1. These scissors have always intrigued me, no circles to get your fingers hung up in should equal quicker cutting and scrapping.

  2. What an awesome bird house. I have been wanting to try a pair of scissors like these. I think that they would be great and easy to use to cut around things.

  3. I {heart} my fiskars scissors!! Yep, I went searching the stores til I found a pair. Love your very cute, glittery bird house!!!

  4. I have to come back and say I LOVE your pluto page!!! That BG Marrakech paper is perfect!! Have you ever had him sign an autograph book? Isn’t it funny to watch him rest the book on his nose?! We are heading to DW next week! (OK.. I commented before I visited the fiskars link!! 😉 )

  5. That sweet Birdhouse looks like a sugar-shack with all that yummy glitter… you do like confections, don’t you? Calorie free, too~yay!

  6. What a lovely birdhouse, did you use a glittered cardstock or did you cover it yourself?
    I have been looking to do one of these myself for my room but to date have not been able to find the base to start with – perhaps I will get hubby to make me one.

  7. Oh my gosh. That bird house is just SOOOO cute. I wonder if I can find one to decorate in Australia? I’ll have to keep a lookout.


  8. This is so darling! I love purple/lavender and glitter.

    I do wonder though, what do you do with it? I would expect that you have a gazillion pretty things that you make-do you showcase them all?, rotate after a bit?, sell them?, givet hem away? Just wondering.

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