random images.


first, perhaps the only gucci I will ever own. (this is a free sample I got from Sephora…)


I adore it’s little box and have been keeping it in my crafting area because it’s sooo pretty and I don’t want to put it away.

My grandma is giving away… well darn near everything she’s got as she prepares to move in with my aunt. She let me have these kickin’ individual creamers. I used to pour the milk for my cereal with them.


and third up- my bike.

new bike

To make a LONG saga short, I wanted a pink cruiser… but wound up with this bike (named Brutus) and all is happy in bike-riding (aka calorie burning) land ‘o Flaum.

I’m back to the ye olde grindstone… more tomorrow!


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  1. Oh, I’d love a crack at altering that little bottle and matching box…….ROFLOL! The cows, well altering them has me stumped!

    I would have wanted the pink bike too!

  2. Is that a Damask interior inside that box? No wonder you love it. Now I think a black basket lined with a black and white fabric Damask is what Brutus needs as a finishing touch and maybe a mirror with Savorski crystals around the edge or a nice Baroque frame on it? I’m sure that other safety equipment (light, bell, reflector, etc) can also be suitably embellished and changed out as the mood stikes!

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