I *love* Cosmo.


Cosmo Cricket is a long time love ‘o mine.  Their papers seem to be made for me. Why, I was at a scrapbook store (a rare thing- I happened to be about an hour away for other reasons and happened across it!) and found this Honey Pie line. It’s not new, but I sure don’t remember ever seeing it so it’s new to me and I’m thrilled. The papers beg me to stitch and ink and love them…


Some random photos of Becca at Disneyland. These papers make me sooo happy- I think I might go back in for more play time…


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  1. I have this line and I love it too. I made some ATCs out of the paper with the chicks on it and called it “Spring Chicken”. I have to do some Spring layouts with it now. Love yours by the way.

  2. I just bought some of these papers, too! There was a huge sale at misspaperjane.com and I bought a butt-load of paper and embellishments for only $20. I LOVE a bargain.

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