I’ve had the same corkboard since… jr high? anyhow, it remains a fixture in my studio (right behind laptop) and I thought I’d share a few pieces that have been up there longer than I’ve known my husband. (12+ years)

I was 13 or so, and this button rocked my world.


A personal favorite- this cartoon strip starts with the man getting a warning (vs ticket) from cop, and ends with the awesome Grimm giving him a fashion warning.


another gift. I don’t wear buttons, I just stick  them up on my board.


That’s it from me for now- I’ll share what I’m working on currently in a day or two…


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  1. Congratulations on the 10lb loss! You go girly!! One day I’ll try, just not mentally ready to commit yet. I DID quit smoking though almost 16 months ago – best thing I’ve done in 30 years – but I picked up 15 lbs to go along with my clean lungs..sigh, it’s always SOMETHING! Woo hoo too on the fab haircut!! I’m enjoying a great one from January – amazing the wonders having great hair days have on the psyche!

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