10 down.


I weighed in today 10 less lbs than I was just 4 weeks ago. Totally feeling great about that!

Some people go on extreme diets or follow (in my opinion) freaky rules and things they can’t eat. The problem I have with that is it’s not maintainable for me. I’ve made really good healthy choices and changes in my life, but I’m not about to become a slave to some rules that in 3 years may be proven to be total crap.

Anyhow- my point is limited calories + exercise + plenty of water is working. If you’re struggling with getting healthy as I have I can’t suggest a simple plan enough. Easier to stick to and maintain.

In other happy news I got a good haircut. Hard to tell in this photo but it is. I’ve had a few bad hair experiences in my life, but the lady who de-highlighted my hair back in 06 definitely knows her stuff.


(ps- yes that’s a cubs shirt Steph, and indeed the only sports item of apparel I own)


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  1. Congrats on the weight loss. Definitely know how hard a struggle it can be and the simple solution hard to stick to even though it stares us in the face – great stuff.

    Hope my progress follows yours!

  2. Congrats, May! I always feel wonderful when hard work pays off – and I have to admit that I feel slightly guilty as I was eating my chocolate chip cookie and reading your post (insert blushing face here)…

  3. Big congratulations on the 10 lb loss!!! I too am working on being healthy. I’ve been using my Wii Fit and eating right. All of my diet habits that I’ve learned from Weight Watchers over the years are really great habits to follow – so I am.
    Thanks for sharing your success!

    This is an awesome picture!!! I love the hair cut and the adorable shirt too!

  4. You are so cute!!!! GO CUBS!!!! I agree the blue really looks great on you May – you should have more Cubs apparel!!

  5. Congratulations on the weight loss. How hard it can be!!! Your photo makes you look even younger. I can send you some nascar apparel if you need it.

  6. Cute photo May. Congrats on the weight loss. I need to follow your advice and I would have some luck too. I started in Jan. doing grea in the excercise department but if it isnt followed with a limited intake of food and lots of water it doesnt give too many results.

  7. YAY!!! So happy the new healthy living (we won’t say diet 🙂 is going good and your such a LOSER! I came to your blog for some HEALTHY inspiration and so happy to see you are doing great! We need to chat about it sometime soon! Keep losing gal..you look maaaavelous! 🙂 j w

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