so one rainy day I was a bit bored and decided to see if miss R’s hair is finally long enough to put up.  That’s what we’re calling the teeny tiny ‘poofs’ of hair that are the girl’s pony tails. It’s crazy cute- the hair (has to be done wet!) curls up in a teeny ringlet type thing.


Then, when she pulls them out hours later she looks a bit like princess Leia. (no photo of that yet, sorry)

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  1. That little face just makes me smile…your girls are absolutely adorable! You are one very, very fortunate lady to have been blessed with those angels.

  2. Oh my gosh May she is so stinkin cute! Rachel has little poofs like this until she was almost 3! Congrats on reaching the “pony” milestone 🙂

  3. How cute! I remember my daughter was about six months old when we first started having to put her hair up into the little ponytails. She had alot of hair though. I always kept a spray bottle of water so that I could put it up in the morning.

  4. Sooo cute. My daughter is almost two and still mainly bald. I can’t wait to have some hair to play with. I know I will regret those words later.

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