I’m here-


First off i owe a prize drawing and that winner is Samantha! (little clear box full ‘o treasure). e-mail me (mflaum at comcast . net) to claim your prize.

So I’ve been MIA  for quite a few days, egads over a week! First I was super busy with all the prize shipping and such from my BPS crop, and then I got (still have) weird sick thing going on. I’m still not on real food (just bread, oatmeal, water, and gatorade really) but starting to feel a bit better.

I’ll be back for a real post soon as I have something interesting- oh! and I have a few new prizes too.

Happy Monday!


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  1. May- I have been missing you. Sorry you arent feeling well. Get better and I will be excited to see what you have in store for us!!

  2. Get better soon! My family is sick with some virus… Dr. confirmed that friday for my kids…. they are home from school again today felling yucky and coughing. Sounds like you have more of a flu type of yuck. Take care : )

  3. feel better 🙂

    we should totally meet up and hang out! i walked into britex a week or two ago and was a bit overwhelmed, ha. and i haven’t gone to territory since i got here, even though im trying to be good. lol 🙂

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