a moment for plum.


So, if you’re a Plum fan like me then you’re doing a antsy-dance because in 1 week the newest book (Plum Spooky) will be out. Ok, it’s a ‘between the numbers’, but still a full length fabulous adventure. I’m excited. In honor of that, I thought I’d share a few ‘plum’ happenings I’ve found.

First the 12 days of Christmas- plum style. totally cracked me up.

Now for a shirt I stumbled across…


I’m actually considering a shirt like this for gym wear. The inside joke of it (for us Plum fans) would be awfully tempting. I’m still thinking.

For all you non-fans I promise to resume normal posting now. Even if my thoughts are on countdown ’till new plum ‘venture…


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  1. Like you I can’t wait for the next Plum book. After spending 2 months with Stephanie & her gang, I miss them. Love the Tshirt too!

  2. I have my book on pre-order at Borders.com. I hope they ship early, I’m dying already. I need her Plum humor bad. I do hope it has Ranger in it atleast a few times. Have you read the first three chapters yet on her website? It looks good (but of course).

    Get the shirt! It’s sutle enough that only Plum fans would get it. And as an exercise shirt, hilarious, since she hates to exercise. I love it.

  3. May, I love the Plum version of 12 days of Christmas. i was cracking up watching that. My coworkers just didn’t understand. 🙂 Thanks for the fun break.
    Amy PS I saw the new book somewhere while shopping but didn’t have time to investigate. I’m looking forward to it, too.

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