crafting is fun- and I like sharing the joy with my girls.


I bought a cheap wood snowman (for decor) at the craft store for E to enjoy decorating. some paint, glue, buttons, and glitter later and we had Frosty!


She picked all the buttons and colors and such. Note in the photo below you can see a wee (little sister) finger. uh oh.


Luckily lil B knew well enough to ‘step off’ from big sister’s masterpiece and fighting was avoided. We’re enjoying the quick and simple project that sits above the fireplace now. Good times indeed


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  1. She’s adorable, I’m glad they were able to share without fighting. Still working on that here at our house. The snow man is awesome, she’s as crafty as mom.

  2. Good idea!!! She did a great job with it! When did you start crafting with E (meaning, how old was she)? I have a 21 month old and she’s constantly getting into my stuff. I need to take a picture of her moving my scrapbooking tote! It’s cute!

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