sneak peek #1 of seasons:


Scrapbooking in Season (my new BPS class!) is going to be so. much. fun. i love, love, love working with the Big Picture team and to see this class coming to life is just so super exciting for me. It’s all scrapbook layouts  (12×12 for most part) and of course with sketches and such so you can totally use the ideas on anything you fancy. I’m pumped about the special audio/visual presentations I do (2 of them!) + the on-line socials (think on-line crop!!!) we’re doing 2 different weeks as well. Oh, and there’s just so much more to say about this class- I’ve been working on it for a long time and I’m still working on it now!

Want a first peek?


I’m working on content for week #6 at the moment, and finishing up the handouts, presentation, and on-line social plans. F to the U N!!!!!!!!


So much scrapbooking to do, so little time! I’m going to go work on class some more and then finish some home decor (holiday) projects as well that I will be sure to share.

Happy Crafting!

(ps- a little bird told me new give away coming SOON!)


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  1. I just checked out the link to your class and I have a question. Can I be able to do the class at my own pace. Like say I am having a bad week and I just can’t get any scrapping done, will I just miss a class or can I go back and do it? Too many questions? Can I ask you more? Just kidding. I am interested in taking the class, only I’ve never done an online class before. Sorry to bug you with a million questions. Thanks for the sneak peek.

  2. I’m happy to answer!

    The content is all downloadable, so you can save to your computer and work at your own pace AND continue to use materials after class. 🙂 The content is yours forever- and I’m designing it to help well beyond the 8 weeks

    There are also two weeks where there is content and focus, but no specific month/season. This is on purpose so that things don’t go tooo fast or get out of control.

    I hope this helps- I’m happy to answer questions!!

  3. Love the sneak peeks of your class! For those who haven’t taken May’s classes before– THEY ROCK! I hope to take this one too.

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