skull pillow


I bought this fabric with a special person in mind, and I am so excited that I finally got my act together and made her a pillow!! Did you know making a (square or rectangle) pillow case is about the easiest sewing project I know of? It really is- and way fun too.

I started with a 16″ pillow form. Then I folded fabric up (inside out), and did the math so that I’d be sewing about a 16 – 16 1/2″ square. When I do pillow covers I overlap fabric (meant for backside) so that you can slip the pillow in/out. Don’t know what I mean? Check out pillow cases. That’s how I learned.


So the other reason I love this method is that I only have to sew along 2 sides since the other 2 sides are folded over (therefore not requiring sewing). Alright, so above you see a picture of the inside out fabric with black line (indicating 16″ mark where I ought to be sewing). The pins you see are there holding down folded ribbon…


See? I’m doing this just along the one (sewn) side that will be the top. After I get it all pinned down I put a very loose stitch through the ribbons so I can take the pins out. Then I put it together (inside-out) and sew closed.



See? I love how it is all wild and seemingly random. I’m going to be making more people pillows for Christmas, and I’ll be sure to share here.


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  1. Very cute. You make it sound so easy! I FINALLY got a sewing machine (my christmas present to myself)! I got the small Brothers Sewing Machine at Walmart on Friday for $59. Now to learn how to sew and sew on my scrapbook pages.

  2. I love the ribbon! I neveer thought to add ribbon to a pillow like this – I make little flannel one for the kids when they get to be about 18 months – I admit child #3 is using an extra of child #1’s…. I am motivated to make him his own and add ribbon!!

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