Fun with Claudine


I’m taking a class over at SIS taught by the fabulous Claudine Hellmuth and I’m really enjoying myself. It’s just a 3 day class, and I love that it’s a bunch of techniques  that I can try now, then use on my own projects later. LOVE techniques!!


As you know I am not good with ‘rules’ in crafting, so I’m kind of taking things my own direction in her class- FUN! I will show you the full project when I finish it. I’m going to frame it up- you’ll see. :o)

Now I’m back to paint and multi-medium. Have a fabulous evening!

PS- before I forget. Did you know Claudine has a new book coming out in January? I’m crazy excited- I just ordered a copy  on Her first 2 books are fabulous- I’m sure this is no different!


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  1. hey I’m taking that class too! It’s so fun playing with paint and stuff and getting messy. The only problem is keeping my two, two year olds from”helping” mommy

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