truffle month.


I love pie. I love chocolate. So when “pie truffles” are announced at our neighborhood See’s location you KNOW I’m gonna jump on that. Today we stopped at See’s to pick up a box of their new pie truffles on our way home from the gym. (yes, really)

Then after lunch I got an e-mail from Godiva announcing THEIR new fall truffles are in, and that it’s truffle month. Who am I to argue? Apparently I’m meant to consume truffles with my afternoon tea!


Those godivas look SOOO good!

(and a seasonal lovely photo from see’s below…)


So, if you are a chocolate person go get yourself a truffle. Don’t make me celebrate truffle month alone!


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  1. Oh YUMMY!!!! You know we had a pediatric dentist at a meeting I was at last night and he said that chocolate actually has something in it that is GOOD for your teeth!

  2. i worked at a godiva store one christmas as holiday help.
    i think i gained 15 lbs in 4 weeks, cannot even begin to think how much $ i spent on chocolate, and am now addicted to godiva truffles

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