Happy Halloween


from Pixie Hollow (tinkerbell and Rosetta fairies… no wings on yet…)

crafts, prizes, winners, and more coming… for now I’m off to enjoy Halloween!!!


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  1. Oh look at your cute little fairies!!! My daughter was a princess last year but for the most part she prefers animals and this year chose to be Pooh. Of course my twins are going as dinosaurs.

  2. Oh my gosh! They are BEAUTIFUL little girls! They look like real fairies. You have been blessed girly. I hope they (and you) have a fun, fun Halloween!

  3. omg, so so cute. I had a tigger & spiderman, BTW got my fiskars goodies today, girl you totally know how to rock a scrapbookers world—i was soooooo excited, I can’t says Thanks enough.

  4. How cute!!!! Hope you had a great time with them!! I had a great time with my little one too!! It was cute hearing her say “Trick or Treat” this year!!

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