While the room is small, I still like surrounding myself with beautiful things and playful things in my workspace. It reminds me of how I kept my bedroom growing up. Always full of things that I like, and not necessarily things that go together. I find I’m more inspired than in a more clean/simple space. Looking around my room brings up so many memories, and getting my brain to fire and think is a GOOD thing in a studio!

Just got these velvet leaves and strawberries from onehundredwishes (love that place!), and right now I have them hanging as a bunch above my desk. I’ll be using them eventually, but in the meantime they decorate my space.

I was a my little pony girl, and these days I leave most of the play to my own daughters. HOWEVER… I found this little tiny pony named cupcake, and she’s mine. I think grown ups can and should have toys too. Why not? It’s good to stay connected to that inner child. (She’s fun!) I’m pretty sure my sister is jealous I found her too! (she’s hard to find)

A favorite (but broken) bead necklace, my ‘forbidden fruit’ candy tin, and an employee badge from a few years ago. Just a few bits and pieces decorating a tiny shelf.

I have more to share, and I hope to create some projects for you as well. Oh, and give aways. I love the give-aways and there will be more!


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  1. I agree that adults can have toys. One day I will buy one of those special edition Barbies LOL My girls didn’t like to play with Barbies (or dolls) for some reason. Or I should go and just get myself an animal from Build a Bear with full set of clothes LOL

    Oh, your pony is adorable. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m also cleaning my craft area/adding items of my own.. It’s really fun to turn your crafty area into a haven.. Makes you smile when you see the things you love! Looks like things are coming along nicely, good work – But i’m sure like myself theres a lot more to come! Soo keep up the good work as will I! πŸ™‚

  3. That’s cool, you have your own space and you decorate it in a way that makes you feel good. It motivates me to find my own space in my own home.

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