works in progress


I know I’m quiet. In my mind I’m not- I’ve got about 20 blog posts brewing! But in time I am short as well as creative energy because I’m pouring everything I’ve got into my next BIG project. I can’t explain it just yet- but here are some SNEAKY PEEKS!!

In between being a mom and running household things I’m working hard on my next BPS class and of course spending time with the students in my current class. FUN AWESOME STUFF for sure. Just, you know, leaves me very little time to write about bookcovers and wicked and making titles and flowers. (all things for future posts…)

anyhow- now you know what I’m up to this weekend. I have *LOADS* of give aways to do next week (both in a fisk-a-teer on-line crop + right here!) so stay tuned. Right now I’m going to head back to making handouts…


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