not the lite.


here’s a glimpse into my wacky world at this moment…

This is a photo I took quite a while back for promos for my big picture class that starts in about 2 weeks. (or less?) 1 week! NEXT THURSDAY!!! Just got an e-mail from myself about Recipes, and I’m SO excited to start this class. I’m gathering some prizes for it now. Some have cookies involved. mmmm. It’s going to be a lot of scrapbooking fun.

This teeny book has been sitting on my laptop, and I now know what I’m donna do with it. I’ll share mid-week… stay tuned.

Oh this stamp. SO darn cute. From a kit and I am going to try and play with it… right now!

Felt thickers from American Crafts rock the house. Another sneaky peek from a Scrapbook Recipes class layout. So. much. fun. If you missed the other peeks I gave you can check it here.

As for my title, it’s kind of a personal joke but not really all that funny. I switched to “lite” yogurt yesterday and my taste buds are angry. The weight loss struggle continues… and rather than cut sweets out of my life I’m cutting calories elsewhere as I can. Like my breakfast of choice, yogurt.

Now that I’ve had my personal pity party about loss of good yogurt I’m off so I can share a project with you tomorrow, and a GIVEAWAY on Monday!

(PS- will draw winner for Paper + Pixels book tomorrow- so stay tuned!)



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  1. Wow…LOTS of good things on the horizon, eh?

    I succumbed to lite yogurt quite some time ago! Don’t mind it a bit anymore!

    Love that stamp !!

  2. Loving that stamp very cute. . . as for the yogurt I get that your taste buds do not like “lite” it taste funny!

    Only a week till class boy did that get here fast. . .I am not ready are you? Okay you best be and I will just have to get ready!

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