Know what makes me smile?


So I’m working hard, feeling a tad overwhelmed, and working harder. Don’t get me wrong- I love all the hats I wear and jobs I do… but today has been a rough one. So then I see that the photos on got updated today for our design team.

and I have to tell you- seeing these smiling faces makes me smile myself. I have the pleasure of working with these ladies and bringing new projects and inspiration to the site every week (sometimes daily!) and it truly is wonderful. I just wanted to take a minute tonight to share my happy moment with you all…


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  1. I just love your attitude Miss May!! And I totally agree with Maya – I love the new things that you have brought to

  2. I love all the changes & new features you’ve brought to the Fiskars Craft site. I think your doing a fabulous job. …as for the Fiskars Design Team…those girls ROCK!

  3. Well May, I’m smilin’ because I’m so happy to be doing so many fun and crafty projects to share at Fiskars Crafts! A huge bonus that I get to work with you on a regular basis too!

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