come on in!


I’m here… just not here. If that makes any sense.

That’s my desk when last photographed. In a moment I’ll be under it cleaning out chipboard central… and probably doing a give away (as well as drawing a winner for my last prize!) As you can probably tell I have about five too many projects currently going… thus the blog silence.

See those orange punches? Candy corn punch + pumpkin punch. Can not begin to tell you how I adore them. They’re limited edition squeeze punches- so limited in fact that I couldn’t get them!!! I had to go searching and buy them myself. I have a feeling they’ll be selling out too. I got mine at, and I’ve also heard they’re at joanne’s.

Well I’m heading back to my batcave. Just wanted to pop in and say I’m here, if you lived in the neighborhood I’d invite you over but since you don’t, just waving a virtual hi. 🙂


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  1. Did you try out that huge bottle of glitter yet? I did take a detour over to where you got it; yummy stuff! Please share a snippet of something you used it on! Pretty please?

  2. I’d love to have the pumpkin punch especially !! I love pumpkins! Of course, I love candy corn!

    I love the bottle of glass glitter…whoo whee, nice!

    Wish ya were closer too, we’d have some fun!

  3. Ohh the candy corn makes mee sooo hungry! Glad to know a lot of us scrappers keep our areas messy.. It’s so hard to keep it clean, i’m always getting into something!

  4. Halloween is my favorite time of the year and those punches are something that I definitely want to get my hands on!!My scrapping area is not exactly what I would call clean… let’s just say that I probably woiuldn’t invite anyone in there right now!!

  5. those halloween squeezes are so cute! i might have to hunt them down… i need to go to joann’s tomorrow anyway. i wish fiskars would come out with a black and white craft/cutting mat. i would buy at least two of them. :]

    ok. i’m going to try my hand at a little studio organizing intervention. ha.

  6. I’m too embarassed to post a pic of my scrap space. It’s such a mess! I have been taking pics…for my own guilty pleasure.

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve been workin’ on! Thanks for taking the time to peek and post into the blogosphere.

  7. Can’t wait to see what your up to. lol

    Love the looks of the new squeeze punches. I should be getting my “scaredy cat” punch that I helped name soon. There are so many that I want to add to my “Punch Queen” collection. lol

  8. I have the ghost punch and I adore it! Now I wish that I would have purchased those other two while I had the chance. JoAnn’s sold out of them pretty quick and I lost my opportunity.

    The ghost one is SO fun. I punch it out of white cardstock and use white fun flocking on it – oh, how fun!

  9. I so need to do some cleaning and reorganizing again in my scrappy area – I am just overflowing – need more storage options or something. I know some people have said just don’t buy anymore – but that is just NOT possible.

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