this is not a drill:


fall is coming. I repeat, fall is coming.

<insert me giddy and jumping up and down here>

Seriously, so EXCITED that the heat of summer is winding down, and that all the apple, pumpkin, and cooling weather of goodness of fall is coming. When I walked into target today (have not been in 2+ weeks!) they had all kinds of fabulous Halloween and fall goodies, costumes, and even (gasp) a row of Christmas cards. I punched the air victoriously and thought about crafts I could make.

Then, at the grocery store they had a huge box ‘o pumpkins sitting out. (hoorah!)

Oh, and there is this cuteness. Snapped this photo yesterday when we had a cool morning that I could put on the ensemble legitimately due to cold. Need some more (better) photos, but I don’t do posed photos longer than 3-4 minutes MAX with either of my girls… so I have to wait for another day. That owl and those stripes on her… ahhh! Such cuteness!!!

Well I’m off to dream of apple pies, pumpkin baked goods, and being able to wear a sweater… because I’ll be dreaming a bit longer… but fall my friends is definitely coming soon!


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  1. We just did a late run to the store for cleaning supplies (moving tomorrow!)…and the pumpkins were a HUGE hit with out nearly-2-year old. Such a great time of year!

  2. It did feel like fall is here today and yes all the fall pretties are out in the stores and my sister will put her halloween stuff up tomorrow. So we will be seeing that pink owl jumper soon. . . if I remember that right! Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing the picture of your cute little one!

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fall!!! It is my all-time favorite time of year! I am looking forward to heading up to Apple Hill at least a couple of times, taking the girls to the pumpkin patch and baking, baking, baking!

    I hit the ‘ole Target today and whoa…the dollar spot was rockin’! Loads of fall scrapping goodies – loving the journaling spots and pack of felt fall goodness – fun stuff without breaking the bank!

  4. Cuteness is right! Smooch that kid for me!

    I love All Things Autumn! I’m ready for cool air. Turning leaves, acorns everywhere, a trip to the pumpkin patch and the apple orchard! The smell of Fall arriving… love it!

    Hope you are dreaming sweetly!

  5. Darling outfit! Like you, I love the fall. By the end of summer I’m DONE WITH IT. We’ve already started picking our apples. I got got done making some apple pie jam.

  6. i almost bought that outfit for my niece the other day. it seriously is so cute!
    i was stoked to see the halloween candy aisle too. i’m getting in the mood for it big time, i just hope that i’m not over it by the time it finally gets here like i was last year. i get too excited a bit too early i think. haha.

  7. Since there will never be anything that cute in my size, I need to make my own. This means buying the baby shirt and cutting off the own – can you tell me where you got this cute shirt?

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