new rule:


ALWAYS keep my studio door LOCKED if I’m not in there. Even if Elizabeth is napping. Because she might not be asleep. She might be “working” and “bwap-book-eeng”. And the results might mean I have 3 layouts to re-do for my Big Picture class that I was working so hard on… lesson learned.



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  1. Oh my…I believe Miss E was truly trying to be creative…but I know what you mean. Everytime I leave a project out on my table unfinished one of the grandkids come in and help me finish!!! Of course it was their playroom first!! LOL..

  2. Oh dear…that is what is termed “distressing distressing!”

    I suppose on the upside…at least she shows that she is a creative soul from a young age!

  3. Aww…poor May ! Poor Elizabeth. Kids just want to help 🙂 Been there, done that…more than once.

    Use it in a layout..somewhere…incorporate it into the class…if not , put it into another scrap album… it will be something to look back on…..eventually! :))


  4. LOL! I have the same problem and Erin is old enough to know better. She is just trying to “help.” I have a couple of layouts that have little drawings in the corners. since mine aren’t for publication or a class, I kept them like that 🙂

  5. eek. I’m so sorry about that. I have a bad habit of leaving my stuff on the coffee table, and I hate it when my Dad sets his drink near a page. grr. I guess I can’t really get mad at him though…

  6. Ohhh what a surprise for mum! I, too, have the same problem – but well, at least she shares your passion for ink and paper! 😀

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