2 year old musings:



Elizabeth and Adriana- just stumbled across this photo and how cute are they??? I totally miss having my sister here, but hopefully she’ll be back for another visit in the fall. For now I just wanted to capture a conversation overheard by these two. I ADORE wee girl chatter, and the time we had 2 girlies (who could talk!) in house was fabulous. It was constantly stuff like this:

Adriana: I’m the princess queen mother

Elizabeth: I’m a princess

Adriana: You’re a naughty cat

Elizabeth: I’m a naughty cat princess

Adriana: I’m a princess queen mother cat

Elizabeth: Let’s have a dance party!

Adriana: with our Island Princess barbies!

(dancing to the thomas theme song begins…)

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  1. I love your blog May. Thanks so much for sharing it with me. Love the pics of Miss E and Rebecca. I can’t believe how she is growing. I’m so glad you have this so I can keep in touch with you and see pics of the girls and all. I’m gonna slip over to see your interview…Love/hugs….Patti Smith

  2. So funny, this reminded me of the days when my step daughter would come for the weekend. She and my daughter would bicker about which one of them was She-ra and I would hear things like, “why do you always get to be the princess?” I really need to journal that one and find some of those old pictures of the two of them. Thanks for sharing your stories and bringing back those memories.

  3. I always love listening to children talk and see how their imaginations work. They grow up so fast and it’s wonderful how your able to preserve these moments for the future.

  4. Now that is tooooo funny! My DD lately insists she’s a princess kitty cat and will not answer if she’s not addressed correctly. How annoying is that?
    Loving your blog, May! Will be back for sure!

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